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What things to do in La Gomera

que hacer en la gomera

Those of us who were born and lived in Tenerife, think of the island of La Gomera with great affection, as the island to go to disconnect and enjoy its incredible trails, all the nature that it can offer us in its 370 square kilometers, and its beautiful villages.

After having gone and enjoyed this minor island, I have decided to write this article so that you can see all the best and know what things to do in La Gomera on your trip.

What things to do La Gomera South

Normally you take a ferry to go to La Gomera (45 minutes from Los Cristianos, Tenerife), being the best way to travel to La Gomera (from my point of view) and the cheapest. The Ferry will arrive in San Sebastián de la Gomera, the capital of the island, and which is located in the south, so here I will begin to tell you what you can see and do.

What things to do in San Sebastian de la Gomera

que hacer en san sebastian de la Gomera

What I usually do when I get to La Gomera by ferry from Tenerife is to go to the Torre del Conde Park, being for me one of the main things to see in San Sebastian de la Gomera. Then I’m going to take a walk through its old town, seeing the Church of the Assumption and going up to see the views of the city from the Parador hotel.

Something that I have adopted as a tradition is to leave the car to return to Tenerife on the ferry from the port of La Gomera, and go to the Cueva beach, which for my taste, is much better than the main beach of the city .

Enjoy the beach of Playa Santiago, La Gomera

playa de santiago la gomera

In Playa de Santiago we find one of the most touristic places on the island. It is the ideal place to hire excursions, whether by boat, kayaking, discovering its caves by scuba diving and even snorkeling. Here is a link for you to rent the Kayak (like this one) in Santiago beach, to make a route and enjoy the calm of this place.

Although since we are in this area, you can escape to something more traditional and visit the town of Alajero, which has some beautiful stone houses and if it coincides with its patron saint festivities (September 14 and 15), you can enjoy a festival of Gomeran folklore.

What to see in La Gomera North

If we are driving through La Gomera heading north on the GM-1 road (the main one), one of the first large towns and to highlight that we will find will be Hermigua, and this is where we will find the next thing to see in La Gomera.

Pescante de Hermigua (Hermigua davit)

hermigua piscina natural

This huge structure is a part of the history of the industrial age of La Gomera. These giant prisms were used to be able to put cranes, and to remove the loads of bananas and tomatoes and even people, who came on the ships from Europe.

Right now it is a point where you can go to the pool (pond) that is right next to it and take a photo with this impressive abandoned structure of the Hermigua davit.

Agulo – The most beautiful town on La Gomera

que ver en agulo la gomera

When you arrive in Agulo, you cannot pass by without entering and getting lost in its beautiful stone streets and finding its viewpoints to the sea and the orchards that it has just below the town.

When you walk through Agulo, you have to see the Church of San Marcos Evangelista, where you can rest and sit under one of its large trees that it has in the square and let this charming town surround you with its energy.

Eating in Agulo la Gomera

Although it is a small town, you can find restaurants in Agulo to eat something and continue your trip through La Gomera.

Agulo restaurants or places to eat are:

  • Bar-Restaurante el Mantillo
  • Restaurante La Zula
  • Restaurante la Molina
  • Bar Restaurante Alameda
  • Restaurante la Vieja Escuela.
  • Tasca las Cruces.
  • Los Chocos
  • Bar Casa Luis

Mirador de Abrante

mirador abrante agulo horario

The famous Abrante viewpoint in Agulo. It is something you cannot miss, this glass viewpoint that has impressive views of the town of Agulo and its entire valley. The reality is that it belongs to the Mirador de Abrante restaurant, so if you feel like it you can eat with those incredible views. When traveling on the boat (the Fredolsen), you can book on the trip, and that way it is cheaper for you.

How to get to the Mirador de Abrante, Agulo?

It is a bit far from the town of Agulo, but it is not difficult to reach the Abrante viewpoint, you just have to continue the route north and you will find the Game of Balls visitor center of the Garajonay National Park. Once you see it, you must leave it on your left and continue along a secondary street that is a little narrower than the main one.

After a few minutes driving along this road towards the sea, you will see a sign that indicates that the restaurant is on the left. It has parking lots, so it will not be a problem to park your car there.

Viewpoint of Abrante Schedule

As it belongs to the Restaurant, the opening hours of the Abrante viewpoint are linked to when the restaurant opens. So the hours are from 11 am to 7 pm although there are days like Thursdays and Saturdays that close at 5:00 pm.

Here is the restaurant’s phone number so you can call and check if it is open. Mirador de Abrante telephone: 638661490. Or visit their website.

Arguamul Buddha

Since you are in the north of La Gomera, you can drive along a slightly narrow road (like almost all of them in La Gomera) and discover the Buddha of Arguamul. A Buddha of one meter (approximately), in the middle of the road from the town of Arguamul.

If you want to know more about the history of why it got there and who has led it to leave it in the middle of the road, here is the news.

The Jets of Epina

chorros de epina la gomera como llegar

If you have already visited the Buddha of Arguamul, you will have passed by the road cv-16, and you will be very close to the town of Epina, where the Epina jets are located, being very easy to get to.

How to get to Los Chorros de Epina, La Gomera

To get to the Chorros de Epina, it is very easy, you can find them if you go by the general road of La Gomera, the GM-1. If you go south towards Arure, you will find them on your right, with a small sign. Passing the restaurant with the same name. Likewise, here is a map with the location of the Epina jets, so that you can locate it with your mobile.

Once you see the sign, park in the small parking lot that there is, and you only have to walk 10 minutes, approximately, to the Hermitage of San Isidro Labrador. Once you pass the Hermitage, you will find the seven Chorros de Epina.

Legend of the Epina jets

Behind these seven Epina jets lie several legends. The most famous of the legend of the Epina jets is that if you approach and see that the water is calm, love will come to you, on the other hand, if the water is shaky and cloudy, you will suffer in love.

Another very famous legend is that the Epina jets have a healing power. Women have to drink from even reeds and men on the contrary from odd reeds. Make no mistake and follow the correct order, being from left to right.

Monument of Los Organos la Gomera

A volcanic monument more than 80 meters high, 200 meters long and 20 million years old. It is a cliff in which it seems that a giant volcanic stone organ has been carved.

Where are the Organos, La Gomera

The Natural Monument of the Organs is in the municipality of Vallehermoso, but to specify more, it is located between the town of Arguamul and Valle Abajo, on the sea.

How to visit the Organos La Gomera

In order to visit the monument of the Organs and the tip of the Organs, it must be done by boat. There are several excursions to the organs, by boat. The price of boat excursions usually starts at € 20. I haven’t done it yet, so I can’t confirm how good organ tours are, but from what I’ve read, they are highly recommended.

What to do in the center/heart of La Gomera

If you still have more energy and time to travel on La Gomera, you cannot miss the heart of this Canarian island, with all its nature condensed in one place, the Garajonay National Park.

El Cedro Forest La Gomera

el cedro la gomera como llegar

We traveled to La Gomera with the car and camped in the car inside the Cedro forest. It is incredible to be able to disconnect in that way, and then in the morning do some trails through the Cedar.

From this small hamlet, you can go to the top of Garajonay, or simply lose yourself within its vegetation, surrounded by laurel forest, some small rivers that run through the forest and of course enjoy the huge trunks of Faya, covered by moss.

The Fortress of Chipude la Gomera

la fortaleza de chipude la gomera

If you like the mountains, and charming towns, something you have to do in La Gomera, is mandatory, is to visit Chipude, and enjoy the views of the great volcanic massif in the shape of a castle, the Fortress of Chipude. You can see it from Chipude village, going up the main road a bit, or if you want to venture, there is a path to the Fortress.

Here I leave you the link of the route in Wikiloc of the ascent to the Chipude Fortress that David García has done. But do not forget to bring some good hiking boots, that even if it is a short route of 2 kilometers, in La Gomera you will not stop doing trails and getting lost in the immense nature that it has.

Now that you have seen one of the many things you can do on La Gomera. Do you have more desire to go? Do you know any place to see in La Gomera that you recommend? Write it to me in the comments so I can go when I get back.

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