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Best Natural pools and puddles Tenerife

charco verde tenerife

Few places in Spain can be found that have such unique and recommended corners as Tenerife. It is one of the favorite islands in Europe where it is possible to plan a getaway for a few days, while we visit such spectacular sites as it’s natural swimming pools, a mandatory stop for all of us who want to enjoy a unique natural space on the shores of the Atlantic .

Next, I want to collect you some of the best natural pools in Tenerife, the most recommended that I have been able to visit. Some very unique corners, formed over the years in a natural way, and that today are one of the most attractive and recommended places for everyone who visits the Canary Island of Tenerife.

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Best natural pools in Tenerife North

Despite the fact that on this island there is an interesting and varied presence of these natural formations, if you have a few days or have a very tight schedule, I want to collect you some of the best natural pools in Tenerife North that you should know.

In addition to their location, they stand out for their great beauty and spectacularity, and are a must, especially if it is the first time you set foot on the island.

Charco Verde (La Guancha) Tenerife


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El charco Verde is located in La Guancha. It is the most recommended natural pool to visit, due to its special beauty and the genuine color of its crystal clear waters. It is an obligatory destination if you want to know one of the emblematic and best natural pools in Tenerife, despite the fact that its access is only possible on foot and it is not easy.

Charco Verde Tenerife How to get there

Located between Playa del Potro and Playa Salvaje, if you want to get to Charco Verde it is necessary to park your car beforehand in an authorized parking lot, and follow narrow paths on foot for a few minutes, which on a hot day can overwhelm you.

Likewise, it will undoubtedly be worth it, since when you arrive you will be able to enjoy a postcard-worthy puddle, formed by two natural pools of volcanic origin, nestled in a unique space next to a cliff of great beauty. Those of Charco Verde are the most popular natural pools in Tenerife, perfect if you want to enjoy a good swim and the impressive views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Map or location of the green pond La Guancha

Charco del Viento Tenerife


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Another of the best natural pools that I recommend in Tenerife is undoubtedly the Charco del Viento, a set of four natural pools nestled in a unique place, really wide and of great beauty in front of the Atlantic Ocean, which have been molded to the over the years to be today, one of the most interesting tourist spots that you must visit on this Canary Island.

How to get to Charco del Viento in Tenerife

These natural pools located in La Guancha, are some of the most comfortable and easy that I have been able to visit on the island of Tenerife, since to get there you will only have to follow the signs -very well indicated- that there is on the general road that there is in the Tenerife municipality of Icod de los Vinos.

In addition, you have ample parking and convenient access, so it is perfect if you go with your family or friends, since I assure you that you will enjoy one of the most welcoming and beautiful natural pools in Tenerife.

Map or location of the puddle of the Wind La Guancha

Charco de la Laja in San Juan de la Rambla, Tenerife

Despite its small size, the Charco de La Laja is another mandatory stop for tourists or local people who want to get closer to another of the most beautiful corners of the north of the island, a pool that is perfect. So if what you are looking for is to enjoy a sunny day, while you bathe in front of the agitated Atlantic Ocean.

How to get to Charco de La Laja

Located in the municipality of San Juan de la Rambla, it is another of the most comfortable and accessible natural pools in Tenerife that you will be able to visit, since it has a nearby parking lot and very wide stairs that allow an easy descent to the Charco de La Laja.

If you want to get to Charco de La Laja in a short time, you just have to take, if you come from the north by the TF-5 or Autopista Norte in the direction of Los Realejos; You will have to exit through the San Juan de La Rambla detour, and once in the town take Calle El Sol and then turn right on Calle Sabandeños. Do not worry, it has no loss and everything is very well indicated.

Map or location of La Laja pond, San Juan de la Rambla

Jover Natural swimming Pool in Tejina, Tenerife

Located in Tejina, this natural pool is considered one of the most iconic pools in Tenerife, due to its privileged location and beauty. It is a stop that will leave you speechless, especially those tourists who have never known these types of pools before, and who want to visit some of the most emblematic natural pools of volcanic formation on the island of Tenerife.

Jover natural pool How to get there

If you want to get to Jover, this beautiful fishing corner of Tejina, you just have to take the TF-16 insular road, for when you get close to the Cocal factory area, take the TF-116 road; in a few minutes you have access to the pool.

It is one of the busiest, not only because of the local people, but also because of the hundreds of tourists who come to this paradisiacal place every day, so think about whether yours is not the stress or the hustle and bustle.

Map or location of the Natural Pool of Jover, Tejina

Charco la Mareta Natural Pool o Juan Centella Tenerife

I consider it as one of the best hidden pools in Tenerife. Since, even the people of the area, do not know him. Therefore, one of my highest recommendations is the Charco la Mareta de Icod. This hidden pool is located in the municipality of Icod de los Vinos, an enclave that for years has been a favorite among fishermen, but which today attracts a large number of visitors.

Charco La Mareta Tenerife how to get there

Many people wonder how to get to Charco la Mareta in Punta de Juan Centella. First of all, it is important that you take precautions, since it is not easy to access, and you have to walk along trails where you should be careful at certain times.

It is possible to reach it if you go by the TF-5 and then take the TF-42 if you come from Santa Cruz de Tenerife; then you have to take the exit at the height of the Camino La Punta de Juan Centella (since there is no sign, there is today a bank with a green painted dragon tree and some garbage containers, that’s the entrance!). Something to take into account and that I recommend to go early in the morning, since it has a parking lot with few spaces.

Map or location of Punta de Juan Centella or Charco la Mareta

Here I leave you the exact location of the puddle la mareta, to be able to go without complications. Click on the map and find out how to get there.

Best Natural Swimming Pools Tenerife South

In the south of the island, you may also enjoy a wide selection of natural pools, which make up some of the most valued, visited and best natural pools in Tenerife. In this area of ​​the island you will find natural corners of great beauty, which are generally small and in some cases remote, but due to their beauty and location, they are considered by many to be the best natural pools in Tenerife South.

Charco Tancón or Charco Cueva in Puerto Santiago, Tenerife

Located on the coast of Puerto Santiago, it is also one of the most famous pools on the entire island -because it is inside a natural cave- one of the most dangerous due to its rough waters. Be careful when you get to Charco Cueva !, since bathing is only allowed when there is low tide and the state of the sea is optimal.

How to get to Charco del Tancón

This natural pool in Tenerife is dangerous as well as beautiful, so you have to be especially careful with the tide. In order to get to Charco Tancón, you just need to look for the location of the Hotel Barceló in Puerto Santiago, so with this reference you will get there easily.

Map or location of Tancón, Puerto Santiago

Charco de Isla Cangrejo Tenerife

Another of the best natural pools in southern Tenerife is the one that you are going to find is the Charco de Isla Cangrejo Tenerife or natural pool of Puerto Santiago. It can be considered one of the most recommended natural spaces for families, or in other words, one of the best natural pools for children, who want to enjoy a sunny day in a natural pool. Being protected from the onslaught of the sea thanks to an effective concrete wall, it is perfect for taking a bath with total peace of mind.

How to get to the Charco de Isla Cangrejo Tenerife

Located in the town of Santiago del Teide, right in the Isla Cangrejo urbanization, if you want to visit this natural pool of volcanic rock, you just have to go to Calle Magnolia de Los Gigantes. Once there, from a nearby and large parking lot you can access the pool of Isla Cangrejo by some comfortable stairs. Thus, being able to appreciate another of the most representative icons of the island: the beauty of the nearby Los Gigantes Cliffs.

Map or location of Charco Isla Cangrejo, Santiago del Teide

Charco de Los Abrigos in Arico, Tenerife

If what you are looking for is tranquility, the Charco de Los abrigos will enchant you. Also known by the nickname of «puddle of Fresh Water», this natural formation in Granadilla De Abona is one of the most beautiful pools, even though its size is not very large.

How to get to the Charco de Los Abrigos Tenerife

If you want to discover the beautiful puddle of Abrigos, you just have to go to the town of Granadilla de Abona. From there you must take the road that connects Los Abrigos with La Tejita, where one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife is located – and which I recommend you visit.

Map or location Charco de los Abrigos, South of Tenerife

Natural Swimming Pool La Jaquita Tenerife

Other pools that you must visit in the south of the island with beautiful views of La Gomera, is without a doubt La Jaquita. Located next to a hotel in the town of Guía de Isora, it stands out mainly for its views and crystal clear and calm waters, so it is perfect if you go with the family.

How to get to the natural pool of La Jaquita

If you want to get closer to the natural pool of La Jaquita, you just have to go along the Paseo Maritimo Gabriel Escarrer. From there, you will soon see these small but beautiful natural pools in Tenerife. As well as, they are perfect if you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Tenerife, in a magical enclave next to the Atlantic Ocean.

Map or location of La Jaquita natural pool, Guia de Isora

Cueva La Vaca o Charco de la Vaca

Surely cueva la vaca (the cave of the cow) is one of the most spectacular natural pools that I can recommend. Because it is surrounded by rock formations that protect this truly spectacular natural pool as a crown, especially at low tide.

How to get to Cueva de La Vaca or Charco de La Vaca

If you want to get to know it and enjoy its beauty, you should go to the municipality of Santiago del Teide and go to the left side of Playa de la Arena, where you will find the rocky area.

It is difficult to access, so keep in mind if you plan to visit the Charco de la Vaca at a certain time, especially when the tide is high. If you are approaching from Santa Cruz, you must take the TF-1 highway to the south and be aware to take exit 87.

Map or location of Cueva de la Vaca, Santiago del Teide

Charco de la Virgen Arico, Tenerife

In the south of the island you have other of the most interesting pools to visit. El charco de la Virgen (The puddle of the Virgin), despite not being very large, has beautiful views in a very unique place in the Tenerife neighborhood of La Jaca, in the town of Arico.

It is recommended that you go when the tide is low, since this pool, also known as “La Viuda”, is practically covered by the sea when the tide rises.

How to get to the Charco de La Virgen Tenerife

If you want to get to this pool of charco de La Virgen, you just have to go to the dock area in La Jaca, where you can quickly see the natural formations that stand out for their crystal clear waters.

I not only recommend it so that you can enjoy a good bath, but also so that at sunset, you can enjoy some unique postcards to take pictures.

Map or location charco de la Virgen, Arico

What is a natural puddle?

Although many people know it, it is always good to explain what it is to those who have never had the opportunity to learn or see what a natural puddle or natural pool is.

In Tenerife, being an island of volcanic origin, these natural pools have been created thanks to the volcanic rocks that have left a space for the water, which mostly comes from the ocean (or sea) itself, and stays within it » natural volcanic pool «.

All this means that although the sea is «choppy» or with waves, we can enjoy a pool of volcanic rocks next to the ocean, without the water moving.

What to bring to enjoy the best natural swimming pools in Tenerife?

If you are like me, and you forget the things that you should take with you, depending on the plans you have that day. Here is a list of the things that I recommend you bring, when you leave home and you are going to enjoy the best natural pools in Tenerife:

List of all the Natural Swimming Pools and Puddles of Tenerife:

Tenerife has many puddles and natural pools, so I have only chosen, made a description and added how to get there, of which for me they are the best. Otherwise, the article would have been too long, if you still want to know all the accessible puddles on the island, here is the definitive list:

  • Charco de Bajamar, Bajamar.
  • El Charco de la Araña, Los Silos.
  • Charco del Cumplido, Los Silos.
  • El Charco de la Laja, San Juan de la Rambla.
  • Charco del Viento, La Guancha.
  • El Charco Isla Cangrejo, Santiago del Teide.
  • Charco Don Gabino, Los Silos.
  • El Charco el Inglés, Los Silos.
  • Charco Juaniquín, Los Silos.
  • El Charco los Chochos, Los Silos.
  • Charco Roque, Buenavista.
  • El Caletón, Garachico.
  • Piscina Natural el Pris, Tacoronte.
  • Piscina Natural Jover, Tejina.
  • Piscinas Naturales de Mesa del Mar, Tacoronte.
  •  Piscina Natural la Jaquita, Guía de Isora.
  • Piscinas Naturales de Punta de Hidalgo, Punta de Hidalgo.
  • Charco de la Virgen, Arico.
  • El Charco de la Vaca, Santiago del Teide.
  • Charco natural de los Abrigos, el Medano.
  • El Charco Tancón, Puerto Santiago.
  • Charco Golete, Güimar.
  • El Charco del Faro de Buenavista, Buenavista.
  • Charco de la Consolación, Garachico.
  • El Charco de la Mareta, Icod de los Vinos.

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