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The Best Brunch in Sitges, Barcelona

the best brunch in Sitges Barcelona

Sitges, the charming coastal city located a few kilometers south of Barcelona, is known for its Mediterranean beauty and diverse gastronomic offer. One of the most anticipated moments of the weekend for visitors and locals alike is brunch, a delicious combination of breakfast and lunch that satisfies all palates. Below we present a selection of the best brunch in Sitges so you can enjoy a relaxing meal with sea views and immerse yourself in the culinary delight that this city has to offer.

1. Brunch Restaurant Picnic Sitges

Restaurant Picnic de Sitges is a charming establishment located at Passeig de la Ribera, 74, Sitges that offers a unique beachfront brunch experience. Its relaxed atmosphere and terrace with sea views make it the perfect place to enjoy a quiet and delicious breakfast at Sitges while taking in the picturesque views of the Mediterranean. Official Web.

How to get to the Restaurant Picnic brunch

Located at Passeig de la Ribera, 74, Restaurant Picnic enjoys an ideal beachfront location, making it a perfect place to enjoy brunch in Sitges with sea views. If you are in the center of Sitges, you can take a pleasant walk along Passeig de la Ribera, enjoying the picturesque views as you head to the restaurant to take your brunch in Sitges. It is also possible to arrive by car, although it is important to note that during the summer months, parking may be limited in this area. Therefore, consider using public transportation or arriving early to secure a parking spot.

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Public Transportation to arrive to Restaurant Picnic

  1. From Barcelona or nearby locations:
    • Take the Cercanías train (Rodalies) R2 Sud towards Vilanova i la Geltrú or St. Vicenç de Calders.
    • Get off at Sitges station.
  2. From Sitges station:
    • Once at the Sitges train station, you can walk to the Picnic restaurant. It is a walk of approximately 15-20 minutes from Sitges train station.
    • Leave the station and head towards the seafront promenade (Passeig Marítim). Turn left and continue walking along the promenade heading north, with the sea to your left.
    • Continue walking until you reach Picnic Restaurant, which will be on your left, facing the beach.

Reviews of the Restaurant Picnic Sitges brunch

Restaurant Picnic is widely praised for its varied brunch menu in Sitges that combines traditional dishes and healthy options. Diners especially appreciate their eggs Benedict, which come with a delicious hollandaise sauce and are accompanied by fresh avocado and smoked salmon for a hearty breakfast. In addition, their selection of natural juices and smoothies is the perfect complement for the best breakfast in Sitges and to start the day with energy. The relaxed atmosphere and terrace with sea views make this place a popular brunch in Sitges.

2. El Pou Brunch & Café Sitges

Located at Carrer de l’Art, 7, El Pou Brunch & Café is a cozy and charming place that stands out for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious brunch offering. From fluffy pancakes to eggs prepared in a variety of ways, their creative menu offers options for all tastes. Official Web.

How to get to the Sitges brunch El Pou Brunch & Café

The Pou Brunch & Café is located on Carrer de l’Art, 7, in the heart of Sitges, making it an easily accessible place for those who are in the city center. If you are staying in a nearby hotel or taking a stroll through the picturesque streets of Sitges, this charming cafe is a great option for a delicious brunch in Sitges. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets until you reach Carrer de l’Art, where you will find El Pou.

Reviews of El Pou brunch in Sitges

El Pou brunch at Sitges is known for its cozy atmosphere and creative brunch offerings. Visitors appreciate its touch of originality in traditional dishes, such as oat pancakes with fresh fruits and maple syrup, or scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms and Iberian ham, these are some of the great breakfasts in Sitges that El Pou Brunch & Coffee offers you . Additionally, they offer vegetarian brunch and vegan options for those who prefer a more plant-based diet. With friendly service and charming decor, El Pou is a must-stop for brunch lovers in Sitges.

brunch in sitges breakfast

Menu or menu of El Pou Brunch & Café Sitges

You can find the menu of the El Pou Brunch & Café Sitges restaurant on its official website. Here is the link with the menu so you can see the current prices:

menu el pou best brunch in sitges

Official menu

3. Brunch Restaurant La Santa María Sitges

Located at Carrer de Sant Pau, 101, La Santa María is a restaurant that combines local and international flavors in its brunch in Sitges. Its warm and welcoming atmosphere, along with its garden terrace, provide a unique dining experience for a great breakfast.

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How to get to the brunch Restaurante La Santa María Sitges

La Santa María is located at Carrer de Sant Pau, 101, in a privileged location in the center of Sitges. You can easily get there by walking from the Sitges train station or, if you are further afield, you can use the local bus services that will drop you off just a few steps from this cozy restaurant for the best brunch in Sitges.

Reviews of brunch in Sitges at Restaurante La Santa María

La Santa María offers a unique dining experience by combining local and international dishes in its brunch menu in Sitges. Diners especially praise their freshly baked croissants and delicious sandwiches. Additionally, their offering of vegetarian and gluten-free options ensures that all diners find something to suit their preferences and dietary needs. The garden terrace is a lovely place to enjoy the best brunch in Sitges, especially during the warmer months.

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4. Brunch at La Guineu Sitges

La Guineu in Sitges is a popular cafe and restaurant offering a variety of delicious brunch options and good breakfasts in Sitges. Its cozy atmosphere and creative menu attract locals and visitors alike.


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How to get to the brunch at La Guineu Sitges

La Guineu is located at Carrer de la Pau, 24, in the center of Sitges. If you are in the tourist area, you can walk there from the promenade or the church of Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla.

La Guineu Sitges Brunch Reviews

La Guineu de Sitges is a popular place for lovers of brunch and good breakfasts in Sitges. Their offering of creative and tasty dishes includes options such as «eggs in cocotte» with ham and cheese, and «pancakes» with maple syrup and fresh fruits. In addition, they have healthy options for those who prefer to eat consciously, such as their delicious fruit shakes and smoothies, being the best for a complete breakfast in Sitges. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly service make La Guineu a fantastic choice for a relaxed and delicious brunch experience.

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