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What to eat in Tenerife?

What to eat in Tenerife

Gastronomy in Tenerife is one of the wonders that can be enjoyed in the Canary Islands, where seafood products especially reign. However, when I ask myself what to eat in Tenerife, I discover that it has a gastronomic wealth ready to be explored.

Known as the island of eternal spring, Tenerife has an optimal landscape to take advantage of the products of nature. For this reason, in this article I will take a walk with you, to discover what to eat in Tenerife and what typical dish adorns this rich gastronomy.

Where to eat in Tenerife

What to eat in Tenerife typical?

A distinctive feature in the gastronomy of the island is that they do not have complicated elaborations and although they are simple they are still exquisite. In this sense, two protagonists that appear in several typical dishes are: the potato and the mojo; Let’s see in what typical dishes we find them.

The wrinkled potatoes

Wrinkled potatoes or “wrinkles” as this dish is called, is without fear of being wrong the best known and most typical of Tenerife. It perfectly characterizes the simplicity of gastronomy on the island, black potatoes that are cooked in salted water and once boiled are served with the essential mojo sauce.

Mojo Picon

The dressing par excellence throughout the island, they have a simple preparation that starts from products found on the island. Submerged in vinegar and oil, red pepper, red pepper, garlic and salt, make an explosive combination to accompany almost any dish in Tenerife.

Although these are the typical dishes, each region has its special stamp, let’s see what to eat in Tenerife in the different regions of the island.

What to eat in the North of Tenerife?

In the capital of the Canary Islands, to the north of Tenerife is Santa Cruz, here you can taste typical dishes of the area. You can visit different places to try fresh fish in Igueste de San Andrés or goat meat from Tejina, let’s see what dishes are prepared.

Fish Stew

One of the star preparations that we have to eat in the north of Tenerife is a very tasty typical dish, Sancocho de Pescado. This stew can be prepared with different kinds of salted fish such as grouper, corvina, or pompano, accompanied with potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsley.

Goat Stew

Goat meat is a specialty of the coastal town of Tejina, only here you can get pizzas, hamburgers, meatballs, pancakes, all with goat meat as the main ingredient. However, the goat stew is the most conventional preparation and with a delicious sauce that is regularly accompanied with potatoes.

What to eat in Tenerife South?

The place you must visit in the south of Tenerife is the Costa Adeje, the culinary art of the area transports you to wonderful flavors. When it comes to knowing what to eat in Tenerife, the Costa Adeje offers you an exquisite catalog led by pork and rabbit with salmorejo.

Rabbit salmorejo

Rabbit is one of the most used ingredients given that there is a significant density of these animals in the region. El Conejo al Salmorejo is a must when choosing what to eat in Tenerife South, as it is a specialty of this area.

Meat Party (Carne fiesta)

Also known as pork in marinade, fiesta meat is a dish that is not lacking in restaurants in Tenerife South. Simple and exquisite is this specialty based on diced pork, wrapped in marinade and served with French fries.

What starter to eat in Tenerife?

To taste I also found variety, certainly one of the moments that are most enjoyed in the meal is the starter part. We are going to discover what starter to eat in Tenerife, before savoring the main dishes offered by the island’s cuisine.


Although this recipe is typical of La Gomera, in Tenerife it is also consumed as an aperitif. It consists of a cream cheese and red mojo sauce that gives it a spicy touch and is regularly spread on bread.

Grilled limpets

In difficult times, limpets were a product widely consumed by the inhabitants of the island and today they are part of the typical food. They are easy to prepare, although they require thorough washing, limpets are one of the most consumed traditional starters in Tenerife.

Escaldon of gofio

Gofio is one of the oldest foods that exist on the island, it is a dough made from flour mixed with wheat and other cereals. The escaldón de gofio is used as an appetizer since it is a broth to which previously shredded bacon, meat and fish can be added.

The Composite Chickpeas

If you go to a restaurant in Tenerife where Canarian gastronomy is the protagonist, chickpeas will not be missing as starters. They can be accompanied by meat, fish and also octopus according to preference, they are usually made with a sauce.

What to eat in Tenerife – Dessert?

The part that many of you were waiting for, so take note because although gastronomically Tenerife is best known for its main courses, desserts are not far behind.


An elaboration with milk, corn flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and almonds that result in an ideal combination to conclude a delicious dinner.

gofio mousse

It mixes excellence with tradition, it is a dessert that has become a trend in Tenerife. The combination of the toasted flour with almonds, sugar, lemon peel and cinnamon makes you want to eat more than one serving, I guarantee it.


The Bienmesabe as its name tells us that we are going to find, a delight with simple ingredients such as almonds, eggs, honey, lemon and sugar. You can add ice cream or yogurt to have a very rich flavor experience that you will love. (see what it is)

Prince Albert

For true sweet tooth, this is a very tasty dessert. It is a rich chocolate mousse with cream, almonds and layers of hazelnuts with biscuit, you have to try it.

What fish to eat in Tenerife?

The traditional ingredient in Tenerife cuisine could not fail to have its special space in this article on what to eat in Tenerife. The advantage we have when eating fish on this Canary Island is that they literally go from the hook to the table, where freshness is a guarantee.

We can get fresh fish from the sea in most towns, and with the best views of the wide sea. A wide variety of recipes can be tasted on this island, so now let’s explore some of the fish-based dishes that can be eaten in Tenerife.

Tuna in marinade

A benchmark of culinary culture in Tenerife is marinated tuna. A rich dish that is macerated with traditional spices from the island, with a flavor that reflects the haute cuisine that can be enjoyed in Tenerife.

old parboiled

The old fish is highly sought after in restaurants in Tenerife, since it has a meat similar to that of shellfish. It can be prepared stewed, fried, roasted, but if we ask ourselves what typical dish can be made with this specimen, it is the old parboiled.

Cherne casserole

With a stew made with herbs and spices from the islands, the flavor of the fish used to prepare the casserole is enhanced. A casserole can be made with just about any fish, but the most popular is grouper.

Canary Grouper

The grouper is one of the most coveted fish when it comes to choosing what to eat in Tenerife and a favorite among visitors to the island. It is accompanied by a sauce that is prepared with peppers, garlic, almonds, olive oil and parsley, which gives it the representative touch of Tenerife.

There is much to try in the culinary culture of this beautiful island, so I invite you not to stop pampering your palate. For now, here we come with the trip through the gastronomy of Tenerife, an experience that we should all explore.

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