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Where to eat in Milan

Due to the relevance that Milan has in the Italian economy, its gastronomy is based much on the cuisine of other regions. For this reason, it will not be very difficult to find a good place to eat in Milan without overlooking any of the flavors of the transalpine country.

Before drawing a hasty conclusion and thinking that in Italy it is only a place to eat pasta and pizza, let me tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. There is life beyond pasta and pizza for our palate, you just have to have exact knowledge about the places to eat in Milan.

Where to eat in Milan center

The cerchia dei Navigli is the strip that delimits the center of Milan and there we can find a wide variety of restaurants where you can taste Milanese gastronomy. It is an ideal place to enjoy with the family and at the same time pamper the palate, let’s see some places to eat in downtown Milan.

Bread House

One of the must-sees in the center of Milan is the Basilica di San Simpliciano so finding a good place to eat nearby is a must. Right at the Casa del Pane you can help yourself to a tasty sandwich or a delicious pizza that you must try at any time of the day.

La Casa del Pane is renowned for its wonderful Spritz, unbeatable cappuccinos and not to mention the perfectly prepared cannolis. Its location is another of the great advantages only surpassed by the excellent attention of the staff that make you feel very comfortable.

Nerino Dieci Trattoria

If you want to try exquisite Mediterranean and Italian food, at Nerino Dieci Trattoria they will offer you these dishes with a high quality level. If we talk about the spectacular carbonara and its flavor, I would have to spend hours trying to describe it, plus the tuna and grilled octopus are wonderful.

There is a wide variety of menus that fit your pocket without losing quality, so both cannolis and tiramisus are unbeatable. The atmosphere is familiar and the staff collaborates in it for their careful service, do not leave this place without trying the Nerino tagliolini with Vongole e ‘Nduja.

where to eat in Milan Italy

Nero 9 – Where to eat in Milan

You can taste quality Italian food at Nero 9, from the homemade Bolognese sauces, through rich steaks, to the very finely prepared tiramisus. Its wines are not far behind, there is a wide variety so you will have the possibility to choose the one that you like the most.

As is common in almost all restaurants in Milan, latte coffee is an option to consume it before or after each meal. The great attention of its employees is also highlighted, as well as the decoration and atmosphere of the place that give you a wonderful experience.

Il panino del laghetto

A la carte fast food, this place must be visited, not only for its spectacular sandwiches, its elaborate monkfish and its delicious porchetta, but also for its incredible sandwiches. The level of the bread is above average and the size of their sandwiches could well be any lunch.

A good sandwich is always well accompanied with a good coffee and here this especially is a perfect combination that will be difficult to forget. Certainly the experience makes you want to return, the price-quality ratio is correct and you can also enjoy your meal on a beautiful terrace.

Al Politico

The star is undoubtedly the spectacular Paninis, and yes, in capital letters because this particular panini has its own name due to its uniqueness. On the other hand, in general the sandwiches are prepared in detail, their variety and flavor make you enjoy them a lot, especially if you do it in the park.

Of course, before going to the park and ordering a sandwich, you cannot leave without trying the ice cold beer, it is a true wonder. Lastly, the location couldn’t be better and its great service shows the essence of Al Politico, a totally recommended place to eat in the center of Milan.

Viaggi nel Gusto

This classic restaurant has an excellent meat and pasta menu, where the value for money stands out together with the excellent attention of its waiters. This place is very crowded and constantly visited by Milanese thanks to its very well prepared and carefully detailed traditional Italian food.

This place really gets 10 points, because it is even run by the owner himself, the gnocchi are spectacular and the manzo carpaccio is highly recommended for meat. Finally, we must also highlight the classic spaghetti carbonara and the seafood pasta, simply wonderful, since you will not be able to taste everything in one sitting, you will have to return.

Places to eat in the center of Milan


Get ready to travel back in time, because in Risoelatte you can experience an atmosphere similar to that of the 50s, not only visually but also on the palate. Obviously the Risotto is its star dish and here you can enjoy the famous Milanese risotto or the spectacular saffron risotto among others.

Although it is not a place that is characterized by cheap prices, the quality of its dishes, the excellent service and the experience are worth every euro. Perfect place to take the family, from the youngest to the oldest, you will give each member of the family an unforgettable experience.

Pomet Food – Consolato Calabrese

Unlike the previously recommended restaurant, the decoration of the Pomet is more youthful, this with the good treatment of its waiters makes an excellent combination. Now, when we talk about pizzas, we are talking about big words, especially the calzone pizza, which is spectacular and without a doubt the star of the place.

The variety of pizzas and pastas will allow you to enjoy whatever you like, each and every one of the dishes is perfectly prepared. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended place that enjoys an excellent reputation on review platforms, where its peculiar presentation always stands out.

Where to eat near the Duomo in Milan

One of the obligatory visits that are made when you are in the center of Milan is the Cathedral and that is known as the Duomo. Near the duomo it is also important to know which restaurants we have within reach, in this list we will see some of the best places to eat in Milan.

Pasta d’Autore

Pasta d’Autore is located near the Milan Cathedral, if you want to try an authentic Italian pasta in a pleasant atmosphere, this is the place. Certainly the name of the restaurant honors it, since you can be the author of the pasta dish and the sauce of your choice.

The quality of their products is impressive, the great care they take for tradition and the customer service that makes you feel at ease. You have the option of pampering the sweet tooth in you since for 2 euros more they serve you substantial portions, quite a culinary experience.

Where to eat near the Duomo in Milan

Ravizza 1871

If what you are trying to do is have a small aperitif near the Duomo, you can do it at Ravizza 1871, this pastry shop offers aperitifs from 6 pm. Among them we find frozen chips, anallettis, brioches, vegetable tart and in general a great variety to taste on our palate.

Also the food and drinks are of a very good level that are related and are consistent with the good price they offer. You can also choose to sit inside or outside the establishment, both correct options and where their waiters will make you feel comfortable, so you can enjoy where to eat in Milan near the Duomo.

El Mora

If you want to eat well-treated meat or carefully prepared fish, you will not be disappointed here, anyone who has visited the place agrees. Its atmosphere draws people in and although Milan is an expensive city by itself, the value for money here is perfect.

Its location is ideal to get to a place where you want to eat even if you are at rush hour, so you will not have any problems getting there. The view of the El Mora restaurant is spectacular, from there we can see the Arsenale Theater, which completes the experience.

Vero Sapore Greco – Milano

At the beginning we told you that in Milan there is life beyond pizzas and pastas, because in Vero Sapore Greco – Milano that premise is fulfilled. This restaurant offers you the best of Greek and Mediterranean food, so diners can enjoy a delicious chicken gyro or a good Italian sausage.

On the other hand, they have a home delivery system that can be requested through the telephone numbers made available. Its staff is very friendly and the food is of quality. If there were a scale of 10, this restaurant would have an 8.

Best restaurants in Milan

Best restaurants in Milan

The list of the best restaurants in Milan can be quite problematic because the level of haute cuisine is quite high. However, collecting experiences from diners and our own research, we can be sure that you will find at least 4 of the best restaurants in Milan here.

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Premiata Trattoria Arlati

This restaurant is one that you have to visit on your visit to Milan due to its history and high reputation. This fame is supported by its walls, as you will be able to see some of the artists who have visited the place, as well as the setting with its spectacular paintings.

As for gastronomy, it is evident that it cannot be less than its reputation, and that is that a large part of its success lies in the tastyness of its dishes. Among its varied dishes we find the Milanese-style pâté with croutons and the rich Parma cured ham with buffalo mozzarella.

Al Garghet

When you sit down at the table, ask for the menu and notice that it’s handwritten, that’s when you know you’re about to try something special. In fact, the establishment gives you an appetizer about the gastronomic experience that you are going to enjoy, because around you there is a variety of settings similar to the variety on the menu.

Also outside, especially if you visit them in summer, you will enjoy a beautiful garden that adorns the beautiful presentation of the dishes. The juicy veal chop is the specialty of the house, which is accompanied with a Milanese empanada cooked with butter, a delight.

Osteria La Piola

The classic trattoria di Milano, one of the best restaurants in Milan that offers the most traditional of Italy, both in the infrastructure and in its cuisine. They serve recipes that have been passed down through generations, offering rich dishes such as pears with gorgonzola, the popular and no less tasty risottos with ossobuco.

menu here

On the other hand, the risos al salto is another of the dishes that stands out and that makes the most of the remains of the risotto with saffron, a delicacy that you must try. In the end, the desserts put the real icing on the cake as they are second to none, don’t leave without trying them, including the homemade tiramisu.

the best places to eat in Milan Italy

Osteria Conchetta

Another of the places to eat in Milan that is special to try the risotto of the house, in this case the rice is mixed to the ideal point with a crispy onion. Its rudimentary decoration gives it the precise elegance that blends perfectly with the wine rack on display.

Some of the dishes that we taste at Osteria Conchetta are based on homemade preparations and classics of Milanese cuisine. For example, the zabaione cream, which is prepared with sweet wine, sugar and egg yolks, is a true delight.

Where to eat in Brera Milan

Popularly known as the luxury bohemia, the Brera neighborhood is one of the most important places in Milan where there are a large number of restaurants. In view of its tourist importance, it is interesting to know where to eat in Brera, so below we review 3 of the best places.

Salsamenteria di Parma

In this trattoria you can savor different foods from neighboring Emilia Romagna, a large number of cold cuts with the smell of Parma. The coffee is spectacular, only surpassed by the excellent service, both from the owner and her waiters, plus the wine list is very extensive, since having a glass of wine is essential if you are going to eat in Milan.

Il Carminio

One of the best restaurants in Brera that you can visit, the dishes have a wonderful combination with traditional Milanese food and their products are fresh. The service is spectacular and the atmosphere is unbeatable, highly recommended to enjoy with the family, it is one of those places where you return more than once.

Ristorante Nabucco

One of the most spoiled of Milanese and is the best restaurant in Milan when it comes to polenta. This dish that is made with cornmeal serves as a perfect accompaniment, and the seafood is spectacular, particularly the octopus.

Where to eat in Brera Milan

Where to eat in Navigli Milan

When talking about restaurants in Milan, the Navigli neighborhood is an unequivocal reference, so when you want to know where to eat in Milan, that’s the place. The restaurants in Navigli have the advantage of being located close to the canal, which means that the food is enjoyed with an additional visual bonus.

Belé Ristorante

Romanticism to order, is the definition of this restaurant, and it is that it is an ideal option to indulge any whim, especially if you are accompanied. A fairly up-to-date place with a beautiful decoration that is still cozy, the perfect combination for a romantic night with your partner.

Trattoria Bolognese da Mauro

Another of the traditional restaurants to eat in Milan, we will feel at our grandparents’ house with its setting, smells and flavors. They make their own pasta, which gives it a touch of exclusivity that not everyone can offer, we recommend the tris di primi, ask for it.

La Prosciutteria Milano Navigli

As its name indicates, here you can eat cold meats, sandwiches and cheeses, in Navigli it is one of the best restaurants in terms of quality-price where to eat in Navigli Milan. This place is so successful that it has an extension in Brera, so culinary enjoyment is guaranteed, you can eat at prices between 5 and 15 euros per person.

Cheap places where to eat in Milan

Milan is not a cheap city, so it is interesting and even appreciated, to find places that do not cost an arm and a leg without losing quality. Let’s see the cheap places to eat in Milan.

Il Brutto Anatroccolo

To start our recommendations for cheap places to eat in Milan, we go to Brutto Anatroccolo (ugly duckling), a traditional restaurant with the popular checkered tablecloths. Its service is simple, classic and very homemade, but what concerns us besides this is that it is cheap, that does not mean that it is not good.

Cheap places to eat in Milan

Panini de Santis

This place is spectacular and one of the best places to eat succulent sandwiches in Milan, especially the panini. Best of all, there is a variety of up to 100 combinations of toasted paninis, really amazing, you can see the menu on the web before you go.

Pizza Am

We cannot leave this article about places where to eat in Milan without recommending a good restaurant specializing in pizza that is excellent value for money. This restaurant is Pizza Am, a spectacular place that also offers you a free appetizer due to the huge queues.

Absolutely all the pizzas are tasty, so you will necessarily have to go more than once to taste the majority. A sure bet is the Garlic Parmesan Marinara, extremely delicious.

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