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Where to eat in Tenerife

where to eat in Tenerife

To know where to eat in Tenerife you won’t have to go around so much, because wherever you look you will find a place to taste quality food. There really is a great compendium of haute cuisine restaurants in Tenerife and its traditional guachinches, where you can enjoy the diverse gastronomy of the island.

In Tenerife its gastronomy is not only characterized by its diversity, but also by the fact that it is adaptable to all pockets. In this article we will see that when choosing where to eat in Tenerife, we will have a wide catalog to enjoy with adults and children.

Restaurants Where to eat in Tenerife North?

In the north of Tenerife you can find different restaurants that connect you with the historical and characteristic essence of the area. From guachinches in the middle of the historic center full of farmhouses, to restaurants surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes; I will mention some of the best places to eat in Tenerife.

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Taller de Seve Diaz – Where to eat in Tenerife North

El Taller de Seve Díaz, is a restaurant in Tenerife North with haute cuisine, it can be considered without any problem among the 3 best restaurants in Tenerife North. Its Chef and owner is Severino Díaz, from the moment you arrive at your stay, he and his team care to make the experience unforgettable.

If you are looking for a place to eat in Tenerife North, it is a safe bet, even if you go with high expectations, the experience will far exceed it. Without exaggeration, the food is worthy of a Michelin star and the tasting menu allows you to savor the quality of the chef’s hand, simply spectacular.

Etéreo By Pedro Nel

This restaurant would also be on the podium of the best restaurants in Tenerife North, a beautiful atmosphere and attention to detail. From the hand of its famous Chef Pedro Nel Restrepo you can taste a combination of Latin and Canarian flavors.

Attention is another of the strengths to highlight since joy is overflowing from the moment they receive you until you say goodbye. The wine list is very extensive and its prices are in line with the quality of its dishes, highly recommended to visit in Tenerife North.

restaurants to eat in Tenerife north

Cheap places to eat in Tenerife North

One of the details to take into account when choosing where to eat Tenerife North is the budget, as our pockets appreciate it.

Guachinche El Niño de Barreto

If there is something to highlight about this traditional guachinche, it is the price-quality ratio, it really has a menu well above the prices it manages. Specialists in Spanish and Mediterranean food that are served in portions that leave you more than satisfied, the attention of the staff is 10 points.

El Patio de Pedro – Best places to eat in Tenerife

Pedro’s patio is a place known for having a classic grill where its juicy meats and generous portions at an affordable price obviously stand out. Quality service with attentive and friendly staff, ample parking space although I recommend booking in advance because the place is very busy. (his instagram here)

Tahiti Tenerife Bar Cafeteria Restaurant

Its menu is based on typical Canarian food with a bit of fusion, but with the homemade touch that we appreciate in a good restaurant. Its location is excellent, the service is of quality and they serve you quickly, a simple restaurant where the food is the protagonist.

Bodegon Casa Tomas Restaurant

With more than 40 years of service, it is a requested restaurant when looking for where to eat in Tenerife North as they serve authentic Canarian food. Their ribs with potatoes are the specialty of the house, the menu is of high quality, at the height of the beauty of the establishment.

places to eat cheap in tenerife north

Places to eat in Tenerife North with children

One of the big decisions we must make when we have children and want to go out to eat is to choose a place where they feel comfortable. I will show you 4 options when choosing places to eat in Tenerife with children.

Casa Juan de los Ahumados Restaurant

This place is excellent to go with the smallest of the house, it has a rich children’s menu and a safe play area. The German specialties are scrumptious and the atmosphere is high quality, their desserts crown a complete experience for our children.

Modern Guachinche Casa Lola

Nice place with homemade food that makes you feel like family, I have to highlight the affection with which the staff treats you. The children’s area is wonderful, they have toys and even the little ones can write on the walls which leaves an unforgettable memory.

El Salón Restaurant

Excellent option to taste quality fresh fish, they have exclusive fishermen who supply you directly, a place to eat well, nice and cheap. They also have a large terrace with a play area ideal for children to spend some time relaxing while waiting for food.

Guachinche La huerta de Ana and Eva

As usual, good Spanish food is eaten in guachinches and here is no exception, impeccable decoration and excellent service. The food portions are more than generous and the price is unbeatable, they have a small area for children to entertain themselves.

where to eat with children tenerife north

Places to eat in Tenerife North with a terrace

Tenerife North is a place where the views amaze the human eye, finding a restaurant with a terrace is something we want to do when choosing where to eat in Tenerife.

Terrazas del Sauzal

The title and its slogan (an oasis for the senses), warns us of the unique experience that we are going to live in this restaurant. Its dishes combine international food with the traditional one of the area, the presentation and the flavor is a pleasure for the palate.

If you visit this restaurant at sunset, you will take a natural portrait in your mind that you will not be able to forget. The cocktails you enjoy here are at another level, this restaurant has everything to share quality time with your loved ones.

Restaurant Terrace El Padrino San Amaro

This restaurant is an excellent option to see the Teide peak from its outdoor terrace, as it also has an indoor one. The menu is very varied and the dishes are exquisite, the pizzas in particular are very good and the service is professional.

Kuatro Bar & Terrace

After an exhausting work day, this place is ideal to relax with a musical atmosphere and pleasant decoration, its terrace captures a spectacular sunset. Although they have an extensive menu of Spanish recipes, the hamburgers at this place are top and leave an insurmountable impression on those who try them.

Where to eat in Tenerife – La Terraza de Betty

Without a doubt, the most beautiful thing about this restaurant is that it is in the middle of the forest and you experience a wonderful feeling. The excellent attention of the staff, the taste of their dishes and the price, only increase an experience that is never forgotten.

Where to eat in a terrace tenerife north

Where to eat in Tenerife South?

The southern part of the island is famous for the beautiful beaches adorned with their white sands, which are spread throughout the coastline. This area is par excellence the «capital» of tourism and therefore you will find a large volume of restaurants to decide where to eat in Tenerife.

Tasca Tierras del Sur

As a good tavern, wines play an important role to enjoy a good meal, here the variety of wines make you happy. The popular tapas here have a special touch that you can not miss, Astrid Oheim, the chef and owner puts her personal touch.

In the dishes you can perceive the talent to create creative dishes from old Canarian recipes that leave you wanting to return. They give you excellent attention as they advise you to have the perfect combination between the dish and the wine to taste.

El rinconcito de Hilario

Any restaurant where the Chef is the owner guarantees you a quality dining experience and this is the case. Hilario and María Laura serve you and cook for you as if it were a visit to their home and that is how they make you feel.

In the little corner of Hilario you delight yourself with a varied menu with fruits of the sea and land, fresh and of the best quality. They present the fish for you to choose before cooking it and the dessert leaves a sweet memory on your palate that you cannot forget.

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Cheap places to eat in Tenerife South

In Tenerife South it is common for quality to be above price and that is what we are looking for in this section.

Pescaito los Cristianos

The simplicity of this restaurant is not compared to the quality of its dishes, tasting a squid starter will explode your palate. The ideal place to eat near the beach, the waiter does not stop advising you so that you make the best option in each decision, spectacular.

Places to eat in South Tenerife – Bodegón Damari

The letter of introduction of this restaurant is its delicious, crispy and juicy spicy chicken, the truth is that it is from another planet. The taste of the food in general is well above the price, a pleasure for anyone who wants to eat cheap and well in Tenerife.

where to eat cheap in Tenerife south

Places to eat in Tenerife South with children

In Tenerife South we enjoy excellent beaches and children enjoy them like nobody else, but they also deserve to enjoy a good restaurant where they can eat. The two restaurants that I will comment on below are ideal for eating with children in Tenerife South.

Dedos Playa Las Vistas

A super fun place with a retro and pop art theme, with an attention they give to customers that is 10 points. They serve some brutal hamburgers ideal to enjoy with the children who are going to ask you to come back, where the one that stands out is the famous smashburger.

Gran Familia Oriental Restaurant

If your children like Asian food, they will love this place, from fresh sushi to the famous Chinese food. It has a relaxing atmosphere typical of oriental culture, the waiters are very helpful and attentive, do not hesitate to visit this restaurant, I recommend it 100%.

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Places to eat in Tenerife South with a terrace

In Tenerife South you can eat enjoying impressive views of its beautiful beaches, the terraces are the order of the day.

La Terraza en Sueño Azul

From the moment you approach the place, the smells indicate that you are going to enjoy yourself, they have a very professional team that offers a wonderful service. You delight in the beautiful view with the atmosphere on the terrace and the pool, it is a place that forces you to return.

La Terraza de Miraverde Restaurant

At the Miraverde Terrace you can enjoy spectacular Italian food and succulent pizzas, as well as a wide variety of Italian wines. The panoramic view is simply spectacular, it is one of those places where quality exceeds price, which makes it a viable option to return to.

where to eat in Tenerife

Where to eat typical food in Tenerife?

The gastronomy of Tenerife is present in any guachinche, but also in haute cuisine restaurants they take into account the traditional flavor. So if we want to know where to eat typical food in Tenerife, I recommend these two places that are not wasted.

What to EAT in Tenerife

El Rincon de Juan Carlos

If you want to live a unique experience, you should go to the corner of Juan Carlos, the Padrón brothers specialize in combining international flavors with Canarian cuisine. However, if you want to try typical Tenerife food, Juan Carlos will please you, we can speak of perfection when it comes to being served.

The Michelin star they have is well represented, the explosion on the palate with what they offer, they make you restart and move you to the taste of home. The place gives you a wonderful atmosphere at the same level as all of the above, impossible not to go to this place if you are in Tenerife.

El Calderito de la abuela (Grandma’s pot)

In this restaurant they treat the kitchen with great care and attention, it is the ideal place to eat typical food in Tenerife. The traditional dishes are a true delight, the views are spectacular thanks to its large glassed-in area, it has it all.

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